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Buyer Agency with Higgerson & Company

Purchasing real estate is likely the biggest and most complex financial transaction a person will make in their lifetime. A trusted real estate professional who understands the information and emotional support that buyers need throughout the process of finding and acquiring a home is essential.

As a licensed broker for over 25 years, Rick has successfully worked on over 500 closed transactions and $400 million in Vermont and New Hampshire properties. He knows the Upper Valley market and the most effective strategies to navigate it based on decades of experience, and he works with a limited number of buyer clients at any one time to avoid conflicts of interest. Based on the most current information and the best possible advice about today’s housing market, Buyers working with Higgerson & Company. make Informed decisions based on empirical evidence, historical trends, and our deep understanding of the local market.

That understanding only comes from decades of experience and is all part of the crucial guidance required to make a successful purchase in ultra-competitive market conditions. Those conditions exist now. The structural changes to post-pandemic market dynamics – historically low inventory and steady demand – continue to drive multiple offer scenarios in towns like Hanover, NH, and Norwich, VT.

The success of your home-buying journey largely depends on the company you keep. Together, Higgerson & Company will help you put together a plan that will result in your home-buying success.

Buyer Agency since the NAR Settlement. Who pays the fee?

Well, it depends. Starting in July 2024, all buyers and buyer agents must enter into a written contract for services that clearly states the compensation and terms and who is responsible for the fee. In every case, buyers who elect to work with an agent will be responsible for at least some portion, if not all, of the buyer agent fee, and this fee will be entirely negotiable. Sellers are no longer obligated to pay buyer agent fees, and the offer to do so will prohibited in the MLS. Any negotiating for buyer agency fees coming from the seller’s side will need to take place outside of the MLS and will be factored into the total compensation due under the terms of the buyer agency contract. Stay tuned for more details and developments as the seismic policy shift takes place and rolls out in the marketplace.

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